Live Caricatures


Nothing Draws a crowd quite like a caricature artist. Being drawn is like being on center stage, except you get to go home with a piece of art to hang on your walls to remember the experience.

Draw on 11" x 17" sheets of paper using a black marker and offers the option of color by using prizma color Art Stix to produce vibrant looking caricatures. He primarily draws 'front-view' caricatures, drawing the head down to about the shoulders or waist of each customer (examples below). To view many examples of live caricatures drawn by Will Terrell, please view the portfolio page.

For event entertainment, the client is billed an hourly rate and the caricatures are free for all of the guests who get drawn at the event. Will charges $100 per hour of service for "Black & White" caricature drawings, or $125 per hour of service for "Color" caricature drawings (2 hour minimum for both). Will is capable of drawing at least 12 people per hour in Black & White, or at least 6 people per hour in Color. For out of town events, Will is available to travel to wherever your event's location may be. There is a mileage fee of 35 per round-trip mile from his home town of Lubbock, Texas. (mileage is estimated using

As an added option to you, We can also provide "Drawing Protectors" (a clear, plastic wrap combined with a sturdy sheet of cardboard backing) for each person to protect and display their caricatures at an additional $25 per hour of service. This option is strongly recommended if the drawings are to be handled by children, or if rain/snow is a factor.

You may even want to customize each caricature so that your guests remember your event with a personalized message or logo, printed in black ink on the top-front corner of every drawing. $100 for the "Customized Paper" option, which is a one time fee regardless of the number of sheets printed.

SERVICE AREA: Lubbock and West Texas.
MEDIA: Markers (Black & White); Airbrush Paint (Color).
SPEED: 12 people per hour in Black & White; 6 people per hour in Color.
RATE: $100 per hour for Black & White; $125 per hour for Color. (2 hour minimum)
MILEAGE FEE: 35 per round-trip mile from Lubbock, Texas.
OPTIONAL EXTRAS: $25 per hour for Drawing Protectors.
$100 for Customized Paper.

After your decision is made, contact Will Terrell to book a caricaturist for your event. You may even want to consider hiring more than one caricaturist to ensure that everyone at the event gets a caricature to take home. Certain times of the year are extremely busy, so the earlier you reserve a caricaturist for your event, the better! We will promptly send you a contract confirming all the necessary information such as dates, location and fees. Once you sign and return the contract, your event is officially booked! Will will arrive early to your event's desired location so he can meet with you, set up his drawing equipment and be ready to start on time. We sincerely look forward to drawing at your next event, making it a fun experience for all who attend.